Thursday, August 23, 2012

We've been busy... Interesting Articles.

The past two weeks have been filled with change making it a very exciting time here at Alexandar. Some of the changes you can see and some you will not be able to see. Some of our changes are highlighted below.

The biggest change you cannot see is that we have switched our internet provider to Comcast. This change allows us to be faster on the internet which makes for better customer service in the clinic and office. We are now working on our scheduling system and plan to upgrade our clinic music to pandora through the DMX system in the fall.

We have switched over to our new website and email addresses. is our new website and is our new email. Even more changes are coming to our site very soon. Don't worry, our old addresses still work. 

Cosmetic and infrastructure upgrades have been happening all summer and will continue through the fall. You may have noticed new fencing, painting, deck staining, carpet removal, etc. This will continue and we will keep posting pictures to our Facebook as these changes take place.

Interesting Massage Articles From The Past Week

Massage-and-CAM Researcher Appointed to Top Position at Research Institute

Decrease pain with combined modalities

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A positive image of the Massage Profession

I want to share 3 positive massage articles with you. The first two, are about massage at the Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympics are always a great vehicle for raising public awareness of  the benefits of massage. Why not the Winter Olympics too? Maybe it's too cold to think about massage.

This next story is about the positive opinion on massage by students of Osteopathy. A DO is a great resource and they often have a better view of CAM than other traditional health practitioners. I wish there were more of them. If you have a choice or a looking for a primary care provider, try an Osteopath.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Confused yet? and a guide to Facebook for your business.

We have had  some questions about our Facebook pages. It is undeniable that Facebook is great for business and keeping in touch with your clients. So, here is what we have, who the pages are for and why we have four Facebook pages. 

First we should identify who we are. Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics is a business, a school and we run a massage clinic. We have four pages, a group, a school page, a business page and a business page for our massage clinic. Soon, you will begin to notice a difference in the types of postings appearing on these pages.

Facebook Group - Our vision for our Facebook group is to have a place for Alexandar students, prospective students, staff, faculty and alumni to connect with each other and for all of us to have the ability to have discussion, ask questions and push items of interest out to the group. 

Business Page & School Page - Facebook automatically creates a page for every business listed and is searchable when checking in using the Facebook mobile applications. Additionally, schools may submit their information to Facebook to assist people in filling out the education section of the Facebook online profile. Unfortunately, since there is not a way of having one one page serve both purposes, we have one page for each section. We have gained control of both of these pages and are in the process of eliminating any duplication of these pages. We feel these pages are best used for representing us to the general public and will pretty much mirror each other. We would like to keep the traffic here focused on general information about the school, the massage therapy profession and our training program. If we happen to notice something that would be better off on another page we may repost it.

Massage Clinic Page - Most people think the school and our Massage clinic are the same business. They are actually two separate businesses. On this page we will begin to shift our focus toward the massage clients and away from the school. 

While there will be some overlap on our pages we hope to build strong community support for the pages by having a clear message on each page focusing on the people the pages are targeted to. You will also see the philosophy translate to our website(s) very soon.

For those of you running a smaller massage practice we encourage you to use these same tactics in your online business building campaign. Comment back and let us know how they are working for you...