Thursday, August 23, 2012

We've been busy... Interesting Articles.

The past two weeks have been filled with change making it a very exciting time here at Alexandar. Some of the changes you can see and some you will not be able to see. Some of our changes are highlighted below.

The biggest change you cannot see is that we have switched our internet provider to Comcast. This change allows us to be faster on the internet which makes for better customer service in the clinic and office. We are now working on our scheduling system and plan to upgrade our clinic music to pandora through the DMX system in the fall.

We have switched over to our new website and email addresses. is our new website and is our new email. Even more changes are coming to our site very soon. Don't worry, our old addresses still work. 

Cosmetic and infrastructure upgrades have been happening all summer and will continue through the fall. You may have noticed new fencing, painting, deck staining, carpet removal, etc. This will continue and we will keep posting pictures to our Facebook as these changes take place.

Interesting Massage Articles From The Past Week

Massage-and-CAM Researcher Appointed to Top Position at Research Institute

Decrease pain with combined modalities

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